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  • About EVA

    EVA is the short name of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer. What will effect the EVA performance. 1, Melt Index (MI)2, The content of VA% When the MI is fixed, the more VA, the higher of Elasticity, softness, compatibility, transparency. Otherwise, As the MI decreases, the molecular weight increases,

  • EVA products make our life more stable

    EVA products in our lives, there are many, in children's toy production is also useful, and our main EVA component is the EVA material, it is also because EVA products are solvent-free, non-polluting and more safe. In many of our industrial automation assembly line production, are more secure. EVA p

  • What we should know before customize the Eva Tool Kit

    What we should know before customize the Eva Tool KitWhat shall we notice when customize the eva tool kit?1, Where will it be used?There are many kinds of customized eva tool kit, which are used to fill with the normal tools, such as pen or pencil, knife, mobile phone, headphone and earphone, tablet

  • The Types of EVA Trays

    1, EVA Tray Eva tray is of a high cost, has the types of environmentally friendly or non envirionmentally friendly, against static electricity or antifire, main colour is white or black. 2, EPE Tray EPE tray is formed by stamping the moulds, and sticked on the case. The cost

  • 10 advantages of EVA glasses case

    1, Biodegradable: discard or burn will not cause harm to the environment. 2, EVA is expensive than PVC. 3, Light weight: EVA density between 0.91 to 0.93, while PVC is 1.32. 4, Odor-free: EVA does not contain ammonia or other organic odor. 5, Non-heavy metals: in line

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