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  • [Eva wiki] EVA Case Manufacturer EVA material multi-purpose features
    The chemical name of EVA material is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, which is an extremely common material and is a kind of midsole material commonly used in daily life. The finished product made of EVA material has good flexibility, shock resistance, non-slip, Anti-stress, such as our common EV
  • [Eva wiki] Talk about the advantages of EVA tool case
    Advantages of EVA tool kit case:1. Zero pollutionEVA tool kit is resistant to sea surface, vegetable oil, acid, alkali and other chemical corrosion, antibacterial, non-toxic, odorless and zero pollution;2. Processing technologyEVA tool kit is easy to carry out production and processing such as press
  • Other Technology
    Other Technology: ▶ The outer of eva case can be printed with multiple color patterns. ▶ Can be sewed with handles. ▶ Can add foam insers or pads(usually using sponge or 38degree of EVA)。▶ Can be customized per clients' requirement。
  • The Applications and Features of EVA
    EVA is an amorphous plastic, non-toxic, with a specific gravity of 0.95g/cm3 (lighter than water). EVA products have poor surface gloss, good elasticity, softness, light weight, low mechanical strength, good fluidity and easy processing. The shrinkage is large (2%) and EVA can be used as a carrier f
  • The application of eva foam inserts
    Application of EVA cases : Be used in all kinds of electronic products, appliance, mobilephone, digital products, tablets, wines, hardware, cosmetics, accessories, mechanical devices, etc. Otherwise, the foam inserts in the eva cases also can be customized per clients’requirements. Foam inse
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