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The application of eva foam inserts

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Application of EVA cases : Be used in all kinds of electronic products, appliance, mobilephone, digital products, tablets, wines, hardware, cosmetics, accessories, mechanical devices, etc. Otherwise, the foam inserts in the eva cases also can be customized per clients’requirements.


Foam inserts is applied for electronics, watch and toys, hardware, laptop,etc. The foam insert is made of EVA or sponge, which is shockproof, the appearance is beautiful and generous, the color is rich and colorful, and the shape and thickness can be designed according to customer requirements.


EVA shaped grinding can be made into EVA luggage handle, EVA handle, etc. It has the characteristics of light weight, good hand feeling, non-toxic and environmental protection. The process is mainly EVA foam material, which is cut into squares and then ground. Mainly used for sports equipment, pen sets, computer bags, etc.


Characteristics of EVA: EVA products are new environmentally-friendly plastic packaging materials with good cushioning, shock resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, non-toxic and non-absorbent, etc. EVA products can be processed and formed, and their anti-shock performance is excellent. It is used in traditional packaging materials such as polystyrene (foam) and meets environmental protection requirements.


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