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  • [Eva wiki] EVA Case Manufacturer EVA material multi-purpose features
    The chemical name of EVA material is ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer, which is an extremely common material and is a kind of midsole material commonly used in daily life. The finished product made of EVA material has good flexibility, shock resistance, non-slip, Anti-stress, such as our common EV
  • [Eva wiki] Talk about the advantages of EVA tool case
    Advantages of EVA tool kit case:1. Zero pollutionEVA tool kit is resistant to sea surface, vegetable oil, acid, alkali and other chemical corrosion, antibacterial, non-toxic, odorless and zero pollution;2. Processing technologyEVA tool kit is easy to carry out production and processing such as press
  • [Eva wiki] EVA Case Material selection introduction
    EVA Case Material selection introduction:Surface FabricNylon, the material is invented by ourstanding US scientist Carothers and his team, it's not only the first synthetic fibre in the world but a great breakthrough in the industry of synthetic fibre. until now, it is still the improtent materials
  • [Eva wiki] Normal materials selection
    Raw materials selection reference: 1、Surface materials:PU、Jersey、Ouqye、Nylon(600D、1680D、Gucci Nylon 840D、420D)etc. 2、Middle material (EVA Plate): 1)EVA Thickness:3.5MM、4MM、5MM、6MM、7MM. 2)EVA Material Hardness:40-45 degree、45-50 degree、50-55 degree、55-60 degree、65-70
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