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What are the main advantages of EVA boxes?

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EVA box is the leader in the packaging industry, EVA box has a wide range of applications in many fields, Gaoda EVA products manufacturer is professional manufacturing EVA box over the years by virtue of its professional service has been praised by customers. Let's look at the EVA box The advantages.

1) The product does not need stamping, without multi-layer fit, use a whole piece of material to make product according to the size of the external requirements

2) computer programming, internal structure size precision workmanship, smooth die-cutting surface, the entire product is made by one time of engraving

3) Slot size can achieve the smallest 2MM, the deepest groove to 0.5MM, suitable for small product placement

4) The overall appearance of the box smooth and beautiful.

"In the growth market, the specific packaging segment will grow 15% to 20% annually, adding 1.5 billion consumers worldwide by 2020, and the demand for consumer packaged goods will also increase day by day."

With the development of applied technologies, the reduction of technical costs and the enhancement of customer awareness, the bio-renewable materials market in Asia Pacific is expected to continue to grow at a rate exceeding 19% per annum. Bio-renewable materials are expected to replace general plastics in many packaging applications , Usher in double the growth opportunities.

EVA box can be optimistic about the development trend, I believe in the future development of EVA boxes will be more widely used.


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