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What are the classification and performance of EVA boxes?

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It's very common in our life, we say here EVA, it is not anime "Evangelion" but a material, EVA material is ethylene / vinyl acetate copolymer (also known as ethylene - Vinyl acetate copolymer), is ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA) copolymer obtained in English full name: EthyleneVinylAcetate. Referred to as EVA, EVA content of 5% to 40%. Compared with polyethylene, EVA introduced the molecular into chain of vinyl acetate monomer, thereby reducing the high degree of crystallinity, increased flexibility, impact resistance, filler compatibility and heat sealing performance;

What EVA products include in the end, the following one by one for everyone:
EVA products according to the material can be subdivided into: foam, high foam, rubber, EPE, EVA, PU and other foam products;
According to the process can be broken down into: grinding, cold / hot pressing, stamping, silk screen, injection molding and other products,
Sports equipment: Grip grinding products, EVA sponge hot pressing, cold forming products and all kinds of materials stamping products. Such as various types of fishing tackle products, foam ball, handle, toy rocket, toy knife gun, EVA silk screen puzzles, wheels, Boxes and so on.

EVA products are widely used in electronic appliances, sports equipment, automotive industry, toys, craft gifts, packaging and other industries.

Stationery gifts: EVA pen sets, EVA letters, EVA blocks, EVA books, EVA puzzles, EVA smiley, EVA seal, sponge Mitsubishi, sponge cylinder, EPE cylinder;

Living appliances: EVA mirror, EVA photo frame, EVA measuring ruler, EVA cup cover, EVA keychain, EVA pad, EVA slippers, EVA flipflops, EVA door card, EVA stool, EVA box, EVA hat, EVA toe , EVA nail file, EVA water polo ball, EVA yoga pillow, EVA mat, PU football key chain, PU basketball key chain, rubber steering wheel lock, sponge cleaning ball, bath sponge.


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