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Types and Features of EVA Tool Kit

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What are the types and advantages of EVA tool kits? Many people have the similar questions. In fact, EAV product is very common, such as: electronic products, household appliances, hardware tools, toys, gifts, handicrafts, tourism products, stationery, Cosmetics, communications, packaging, medical, etc. So today Gaoda EVA Packaging Products Co., Ltd. shares with you the types and advantages of eva tool kits:

1,  The varieties of EVA products are:

EVA computer bag, EVA glasses box, EVA headset bag, EVA tool kit, EVA cosmetic box, EVA CD bag, EVA power bank case, EVA bra storage bag, EVA electronic cigarette case, EVA watch box, EVA speaker bag, EVA toiletries storage Bags, EVA Mobile Phone Bags, EVA Medical Bags, EVA Jump Starter carry case, EVA Pen Boxes, EVA Mobile Phone Bags, EVA Wine Bottle Boxes, EVA Storage Bags, EVA Game Device Carrying case, EVA Cutlery Bags, EVA Hats, etc.

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2,  Summary of advantages of EVA tool kit:

a, no pollution

Resistant to seawater, grease, acid, alkali and other chemicals, antibacterial, non-toxic, odorless, no pollution;

b, manufacturing process

Easy to do hot pressing, cutting, coating, bonding and other processing;

c, good performance

Resilience and high tension, strong toughness, with good shock / buffer performance;

d, heat and cold insulation

Heat Insulation, cold resistance and low temperature performance, can withstand cold and exposure.


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