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The principle of EVA

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EVA has the same principle as plastic (buying a pack of raw materials and foaming into a roll or a piece of EVA), just as the plastic is made of ABS material through plastic injection process.

EVA packaging box has two types of expanding foam: 1, closed-cell foam 2, open-cell foam.

EVA foot pads are often closed-cell foam.

The color is white, black, and color. white and black is commonly used in industry .

C. EVA hardness: 25 degrees, 38 degrees, 45 degrees, 50 degrees, 60 degrees, 70 degrees, and 80 degrees. The foot pads used in industry are 38 degrees and 45 degrees. Double-sided adhesive: Double-sided adhesives are divided into domestic and imported types. They are divided into oil-based adhesives, water-based adhesives, heat-resistive adhesives, and dry adhesives. Domestic: oil glue, water glue, heat-capacity glue, OPP glue, etc.


Import: 3M adhesive, Sony rubber, Nitto rubber and other EVA pads have good elasticity and wear resistance, airtightness, and harmless to the human body. Water resistance: closed cell structure, no water absorption, moisture resistance, and good water resistance. Corrosion resistance: resistant to corrosion by seawater, oil, acid, alkali and other chemicals, antibacterial, non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting.

Processability: It is easy to process by hot pressing, cutting, gluing and laminating.

Anti-vibration: high resilience and high tensile strength, high toughness, good shock resistance, anti-skid and cushioning properties.

Insulation: heat insulation, insulation, cold and low temperature performance, can withstand cold and exposure.

Sound insulation: closed-cell foam, good sound insulation.

Environmental protection: EVA is non-environmental protection and environmental protection. Now most of EVA are environmentally friendly products and can be used with confidence.

Applications: EVA packaging is mainly used in the fields of electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, digital, high-tech products, furniture, toys, hardware, plastics, printing panels and other industries.



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