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The difference between EVA box and plastic box

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The EVA box is a plastic material consisting of ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA).

The ratio of these two chemicals is adjustable to suit different application needs. The higher the content of VA,Its transparency, softness and toughness will be relatively improved.

Plastic is a synthetic or natural polymer resin as the main material. Add a variety of additives, at a certain temperature and pressure ductility, after cooling can fix its shape of a class of materials. Natural or synthetic polymer molecules in the molten state, and around the uniform distribution of promoter molecules called plastics process, has reached the process called plasticized, has not yet reached, is considered not yet plasticized. Plastic packaging is one of the four major materials in the packaging industry: paper and cardboard accounted for 30%, plastic accounted for 25%, metal 25%, glass 15%.

to sum up:

EVA box material than the plastic box LDPE material plastic bags softer. If you want to distinguish between the two materials, use it or burning it. Burning it smell like the paraffin wax flavor is LDPE, smel like sour is EVA.


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