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EVA tool box is widely used in our lives

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EVA tool box is widely used in our lives


EVA tools have been seen in our lives. The various styles of EVA tool boxes we have seen in life are not only beautiful but also more environmentally friendly. EVA packaging boxes are used for tin boxes, paper gift boxes, and whiteboards. . The inner lining of the box and plastic box mainly plays a protective role for the products, such as: U disk, accessories, cutting tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, precision instruments, and rustproof packaging materials inside the box.

The coarse-hole EVA material has many advantages such as corrosion resistance, aging resistance, rust resistance, odorlessness, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, light density, moisture absorption, colorful colors, and so on.

The thickness is 41-50MM, positive and negative tolerance is 0.6MM. The thickness of Sheet is 2MM or less is accounted as 2MM. The inner lining is made and stamped according to the customer's requirements and then hand-glued into finished products. Can also be affixed with flannel, velvet paper.

EVA box lining is mainly divided into the following points: foam products

1, low-density, low-density environmentally friendly EVA, black, white and color.

2, high-density, high-density environmental protection EVA, black, white and color.

3, EVA closed-pore 28 degrees, 33 degrees, 38 degrees, 42 degrees.

4, EVA open pore 25 degrees, 38 degrees.


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