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About the packaging material: differnces among the EPE EVA and Sponge

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EPE (Expandable Polyethylene) is also known as pearl cotton. It is a non-crosslinked closed-cell structure, which is a high-foamed polyethylene product extruded from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) as a main raw material. It is composed of low-density polyethylene glycol by physical foaming to produce numerous independent bubbles. It overcomes the shortcomings of common styrofoam, such as fragility, deformation and poor recovery. It has many advantages such as water-proof, moisture-proof, shock-proof, sound-proof, heat preservation, good plasticity, toughness, recycling, environmental protection, strong impact resistance, etc. It also has good chemical resistance.


EVA is obtained by copolymerizing ethylene (E) and vinyl acetate (VA), abbreviated as EVA. EVA is characterized by good flexibility, rubber-like elasticity, good flexibility at -50 ° C, good transparency and surface gloss, good chemical stability, good resistance to aging and ozone, non-toxic. It has good blending property with filler, and has good coloring and molding processability. EVA can be used for injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, calendering, rotational molding, thermoforming, foaming, coating, heat sealing, welding, etc. It can be used as a building material for waterproofing, fireproofing, and sound insulation.


The differences among them mainly include the following:

1.The sponge is generally yellowish and very elastic, relatively lighter than the other two. EVA's words are a bit hard, generally black, which is the heaviest of the three. EPE pearl cotton is generally white, very well distinguished from the sponge. Sponge no matter how you just press it will recover to the original state, and EPE pearl cotton you When you press it hard, you will hear the sound of squeaking, and the place you press will be recessed.

2. EPE pearl cotton has a wavy pattern, it looks like a lot of foam is stained together. Very light. EVA is solid, and there are some concentration, which is relatively heavy.


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