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10 advantages of EVA glasses case

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1, Biodegradable: discard or burn will not cause harm to the environment.


2, EVA is expensive than PVC.


3, Light weight: EVA density between 0.91 to 0.93, while PVC is 1.32.


4, Odor-free: EVA does not contain ammonia or other organic odor.


5, Non-heavy metals: in line with the relevant international toys Ordinance (EN-71Part3 and ASTM-F963).


6, Phthalate-free: suitable for children's toys and will not produce plasticizers release danger.


7, High softness and toughness: a very wide range of applications.


8, Super low temperature (-70C) resistance: suitable for icy environment.


9, Anti-water, salt and other substances: in the case of large applications can maintain a stable.


10, High heat paste: can be firmly affixed to nylon, polyester, canvas and other cloth.

11, Screen printing and offset printing: can be used for more fancy products (but must use EVA type



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